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Pinpoint Education chooses to be a grassroots, word-of-mouth community because we respect your data privacy.

We love social media! But only on YOUR terms.

So, we prefer ethical ways to leverage social platforms, that don't use or endanger anyone. 
Look at these staggering and COSTLY statistics! 😱
See, when you click on the share buttons and tell a friend *voluntarily* it makes you our hero!
Because then we don't have to pay sneaky corporations to track, compromise, monitor, and resell your personal data and behaviors to third parties, at a high risk to you... just so we can promote ourselves (which we must still do, somehow).

Your choice-to-share makes all the difference
and is deeply appreciated.

It saves us from having to fund the internet spy-robots πŸ€– Thank you!

Pinpoint Education aims to be part of a solution,
(not part of a growing problem) in every way.

Here's a document you can access with free tools to help your online activity be safer and more secure.
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