Sections 12 & 18 of the Terms & Conditions

Refund & Cancellation Policy

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Section 12

12. Refund and Cancellation.
(refer to Section 12 Definitions below)

By registering or purchasing a Live, Virtual or Online class, course, workshop or upgrade, or any combination of such as defined below, you agree to have fully read and understood this cancellation and refund policy, including Section 18 below. All deposits are non-refundable. Refunds (excluding deposits) will be issued only if you notify 14 business days prior to the start of a Virtual or Live class. 

A processing fee of $50 per class will be deducted from any refund issued for a Live or Virtual class. There are no refunds if you withdraw from a class less than 14 business days prior to the start of the class, or if you fail to attend. Payment processing fees are subtracted from refunds for all Online classes. You will get an email confirmation once receives your cancellation and processes your refund. No refunds are issued for classes already taken or in progress.

*Proof of COVID-19 vaccination, or valid medical exemption with proof of recent negative PCR/RT-PCR test, with mask (covering nose and mouth) is required for all Live classes at this time. Failure to furnish legitimate proof upon request may result in failure to attend and participate in the Live class without refund. However, when available, access to the online resources of that class remain intact.

Please be aware that in order to receive CEUs (continuing education units) for a course, you must attend and pay for the entire course. There are no makeups or partial CEUs granted. No refunds are issued for online courses or upgrades. In order to receive CEUs for an online course, you must complete the entire course. There are no partial CEUs granted.  No refunds are issued for electronic downloads or printed materials.

Supported Affiliates are defined by independent classes hosted outside the platform. (These are noted by the Supported Affiliate symbol [*] and are separate business transactions not handled by Velastion, or an affiliate thereof). The cancellation and refund policies of the Supported Affiliate provider duly override these refund policies and any cancellation requests or refunds must be directed to the independent provider of that class. If there is an issue with the Supported Affiliate, please let know.

Though we do not have control over how others run their operations, we make every effort to provide and refer to quality classes and instructors and will address circumstances accordingly.  

Definitions for purposes of this Section 12,

“Live” is defined as a class/course/workshop where the enrollee physically attends at a specific location on specifically scheduled day(s);

“Virtual” is defined as a class/course/workshop where the enrollee attends remotely via the internet or other streaming method in real-time (such as a webinar). Please refer to the conditions of specific Virtual classes for timeline and details (conditions may vary);

“Online” is defined as a class/course/workshop the enrollee can access at anytime, anywhere via an internet connection and where there is no Live or Virtual component. All lessons are conducted via written/reading materials, downloadable content, slides, audio recordings, private course-related comment threads or Q&A, and/or pre-recorded video(s);

“Upgrade” is defined as a separate component or module that can be added to an original Live, Virtual, or Online class (ex. a live workshop can be attended, however, there may also an option to add online access for long-term learning at the time of purchase or anytime after).

Section 18
18. Events Beyond’s Control. and its affiliates will not be liable for any loss resulting from a cause over which they do not have direct control, including but not limited to sudden illness, accidents, or family emergency, which may render an instructor physically unable to instruct a class; failure of electronic or mechanical equipment or communication lines; telephone or other interconnect problems; computer viruses; unauthorized access; theft; operator errors; severe weather, earthquakes, or natural disasters; strikes or other labor problems; wars; or governmental restrictions.
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