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In this course, participants will learn both the crucial theoretical framework of dermoneuromodulation (DNM) and its practical methodology offered through a hybrid of convenient online learning and/or live classroom instruction. Specific manual applications are demonstrated under a lens of clinical reasoning aligned with the most current understanding of touch physiology and pain science. Because the language of physiology is universal, the DNM framework seamlessly incorporates into any modality making it a valuable asset to any evolving practice and of great benefit to many patients and clients, some of whom may not have found relief through other methods.

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Here's what you get with PINPOINT DNM 

Science-based framework

A clear understanding of how tactile feedback and cognitive engagement interact with the nervous system to bring about lasting changes

Sensible methodology

Learn safe and immediately actionable methods to achieve profound results for a variety of (most) pain presentations

Practical application

Detailed videos of how-to effectively work with specific tunnel syndromes to ease adverse neural tension and modulate pain perception

Up-to-date content

A lifetime of access to course updates, news, and emergent research pertaining to DNM as the curriculum continues evolving

Retainable material

Pain is complex, but learning about how to best work with it should not be. Our learning formats make knowledge application easy 

An added bonus!

Delightful videos of Diane Jacobs, herself, in action demostrating many of the clinical applications and DNM techniques

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What is DermoNeuroModulation?

DermoNeuroModulation is an interactive approach to manual therapy researched and developed by Diane Jacobs, PT. It has gained rapid recognition and popularity throughout the world because of the unique attention given to the often ignored cutaneous nerves in the skin, our largest organ.

The clinical outcomes can be phenomenal and the changes positively profound.

 The terms dermo meaning "skin", neuro referencing the "nervous system", and modulation meaning "change", describe how DNM helps to affect changes in the nervous system via focused interplay with the cutaneous nerves. This is done through gentle, targeted manipulation of the skin.

What's included?

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  •  10 comprehensive modules
  •  Flexible learning modalities
  •  Engaging course materials
  •  Video library
  •  DNM research database