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Feel the difference and fall in love with what you do all over again.

OPEN Bodywork Online will launch in June 2021, and the next live class will be in Fall 2021... but maybe sooner!  

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OPEN Bodywork is a refreshing and artful approach to manual therapy based on the principles of movement, touch physiology, and modern pain science.

It creates an engaging and interactive space between the client, the practitioner, and the goal of a session.

This is accomplished by distilling different approaches down to their core components, instead of perpetuating unnecessary, overly complicated, and often outdated concepts.
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Here's just a taste of what OPEN BODYWORK gives you

Science-based framework

A clear understanding of how tactile feedback interacts with the central nervous system to bring about lasting changes

Practical methodology

Immediate, actionable methods to achieve profound, yet painless impact with minimal exertion

Graceful application

Enhanced ease in practice by learning to leverage your unique physicality, allowing for effortless and fluid applications

Career longevity

OPEN Bodywork is self-care and a tool for greater body awareness that feels as good for the giver, as it does for the receiver

Up-to-date content

You will embody the nuances of non-verbal communication via touch, while keeping in tune with current research

Material you'll love

Whether you're new to the profession or a 15+ year veteran, there's something for everyone to discover and expand upon


Your body, your practice style, and the people you treat are unique.

So, what's the point of yet another cookie-cutter modality?

e OPEN Bodywork process is efficient, effective, and mutually beneficial.
It's been designed to nourish your career longevity and help YOU feel good, too.

Just bring your curiosity to the table and make it your own.

Here's what participants have to say

As a new practitioner of Massage Therapy, I found OPEN Bodywork to be transformative to my education, approach in client treatment and even personal philosophy. Having so many questions not simply met with just an answer, but with an unbiased and critical lens, is what made it all tangible for my practical use.

I have had better results when considering the nervous system before addressing the client’s chief complaint directly. Now, it’s the only way I choose to work. I only wish I could have come across this kind of information at the start of my career. Thank you so very much Tania!"

Lexi A., NYC
Thank you so much for that class again! I loved it. My technique has changed. My patients love it!"

Olya F., NYC
I would like to thank you for your workshop that helps me to understand how important my body mechanics, movement and flow are during my session. 

All those concepts and practical techniques I have learned from you are so tremendous to improve as well as adapt along with any modalities that I apply. I’m certain to keep prac