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If you've already added Pinpoint to your contacts list, you're all set! 

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If not yet, just follow these 3 easy steps so you don't miss out on the goods.

Step 1

Look for the confirmation email sent to the address you provided and click to confirm.

If you don’t see it right away, check your spam or one of your other email folders (it may be in one of those). Or maybe there was a typo?

Step 2

Add to your contacts list.

For example, if you are using Gmail, you can often just hover over a name and add contacts easily that way.

Step 3

Show your email provider what to do with our emails.

If a Pinpoint email ends up in a Spam or Promotions folder, teach your inbox server where to put our messages:

Just drag our email from the [Promotions] tab to the [Primary] tab,then click "Yes" when the option comes up.

That's it!

Now go enjoy your stuff, .

If you have any other questions about how to do this, 
reach out and help is on the way.

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