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Become a Pinpoint Initiator 

Earn ongoing income and
shift the manual therapy paradigm
by joining our free affiliate program for members

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initiator |in·i·ti·a·tor | iˈniSHēˌādər

noun: initiator; plural noun: initiators
a person or thing that initiates someone or something.
  • Chemistry
a substance which starts a chain reaction.
an explosive or device used to detonate a larger one.  

—Definition from Oxford Languages Online

this is how it WORKS

3 easy steps to begin earning while you're learning

#1 Join

Join as a free member and submit your affiliate application. It takes less than 2 minutes to sign up and start earning your 8% affiliate commission for spreading the word.

#2 Share

When you become an affiliate, we'll provide you with a unique affiliate ID and that's the link you share. We securely track every page you share and you get paid whenever a referral registers!

#3 Earn

When someone clicks the link you shared and purchases a course through our website, you'll earn 8%, not only on the initial sale, but also on any recurring payments.

I'm ready to apply.

If you're an existing member who's familiar with FTC Regulations
and knows how to get started, you're all set!

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but wait...

Why do I need to be a member first?


Being a member affirms you're part of a community who genuinely cares about the kind of information going out to the world and will operate with full transparency.
We don't accept applications from random "link shills".


All affiliate communications, updates, and growth strategies are conducted in a private group through our member hub (with email).You'll want to know about all that as the Pinpoint Initiator program expands. This is just the start!


It's important that word-of-mouth be genuine, not reward driven. The rest is just a cherry on top to pay-it-forward. It's key to know what you're recommending and this is a good way to make sure Pinpoint affiliates are for real. 

I'm ready to apply!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any fees or costs associated with becoming an affiliate?

There is no sign up fee or cost associated with joining the Pinpoint Initiator Affiliate Program.

2. How long do the cookies last?

Our cookies last for 120 days. This means that you get credit for any referred customer who returns to our site within 120 days, even if they do so directly.

Wait... which kind of cookies were you asking about? 🍪 🤔   
(...the ones in the kitchen don't last very long at all, yum!)

3. Is there an agreement that I need to accept before becoming an affiliate?

In order to become an affiliate you will need to agree to the Affiliate Terms.

4. Can I stop at any time?

Of course! There's no commitment. You are as free as a bird! 

5. How and where do I receive my referral "thank you"?

At the moment, all payouts are automatically calculated and processed securely via Paypal (this is the option you select from your affiliate dashboard). If you don't already have a Paypal account, you can set one up easily and for free here.

6. What if someone cancels or needs a refund?

If one of your referrals cancels or orders a refund, or if credit card charges are reversed due to online credit card fraud or error, there would be a reversal of any credit to your account for the commission earned on that transaction. In other words, no sale = no earnings. The 60 day payout period noted in the terms and guards us from both having to pay transaction fees twice in this case. This is automatically calculated through the platform's system. 

7. What's the percentage?

The commission you earn is 8%*! This applies to all courses purchased via the Pinpoint website. This is automatically calculated and allocated through the platform system. 

*This the amount earned after online Stripe payment gateway transaction fees (you can view those with full transparency here), and the 2% allocated for our Give Back Pledge because giving back is what we do.
Show me the math

For example...

If a course is


you receive
$16 per

average calculation after Stripe transaction fees
and 2% Give Back allocations
If a course is 


you receive
$24 per

average calculation after Stripe transaction fees
and 2% Give Back allocations
If a course is


you receive
$32 per

average calculation after Stripe transaction fees
and 2% Give Back allocations

We're also working on a transfer program where you can redirect your payouts
towards a course, kind of like a credit (one thing at a time though). For now, this is a good start!
Until that's figured out, all you need to do is receive.




And that's all there is to it!


I'll apply from the inside the member hub


See you inside!